Wedding Cake 101

The wedding cake might be one of the ceremonial pieces at your wedding reception but it plays an important role. Therefore, you need to be thorough when choosing your wedding cakes Melbourne supplier so you can get good looking and great tasting cakes. With the right choice, the cake can also serve as the perfect accent piece at your wedding that will leave your guests impressed.
Take note of these ten tips that will make buying from online cake supply stores easier and better:
1. Choose your wedding cake design after you have finalized other wedding style decisions. This is to ensure that the cake design is compatible with the venue, the season and the overall details of your wedding décor. Hence, you need to have initial consultation with your chosen cake shops in Melbourne.
2. Speaking of budget, come up with a specific budget for your cake. You need to provide your baker a range so that they can create the design you want without overspending.
3. Check with wedding cakes Melbourne supplier about the length of time required for ordering your wedding cake. The last thing you want to happen is to order last-minute. You have to consider the type of cake you ordered and the amount of time needed to prepare it.
4. Consider the cake height. You need to adjust the height of your wedding cake according to the height of the ceiling in your reception venue. A three-tiered cake is enough for 50-100 guests in an intimate venue while five layers might be suitable for a larger venue with more than 200 guests.
5. Consider the flavor of your cake. You want to choose a cake that you want to enjoy, not just settle for what others recommend. Ideally, you need to have a taste test with your wedding cake supplier.
6. You need to look into the type of frosting used. Will it be buttercream or fondant? Most modern wedding cakes use fondant as it provides more flexibility in the design of the cake. However, fondant is considerably more expensive than buttercream so you have to check if it fits into your budget.
7. You need to be more creative with the decorations you use on the cake. The top cake supplies Australia stores offer many options in decorating your cake aside from the usual floral decorations. Therefore, you can choose a décor that will be more suited for your theme and motif.
8. Know where to place the cake. If you are going for a high layered cake, it is important to choose a base that is stable and efficient, as well as showcase your cake beautifully.
9. Be detailed about the delivery plan. The bake shop where you ordered your cake from should cover the delivery and setup of the wedding cake at the venue at no added charge. Take a close look into the fine print of your contract to make sure they handle the delivery.
10. Choose the best baker. In Melbourne, there are several bakers and cake shops that offer services for a beautiful wedding cake. Take time to review each cake shop’s portfolio to see the quality of their cakes and creations.
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